(1) Schweiger's First Location

In 1889, Theodore Schweiger opened a carpentry shop in Kansas City, Missouri, intent on providing the finest material workmanship to his clients. Within just a few years, T.G. Schweiger Contracting Company had grown to include a lumber yard, mill, and a reputation for exceptional work. In response to the building boom after World War II and significant changes in the construction industry, the company sold the lumber yard and mill operations in 1952, changed its name to Schweiger Construction Company, and redirected its focus to building construction and general contracting. Through the successful management of four generations of the Schweiger family, the company has prospered during 23 Presidencies, 12 new states, two world wars, the Great Depression, and unimaginable changes in lifestyle and technology. Most importantly, the leadership has always remained within the capable hands of a Schweiger.

Since its founding, Schweiger has earned a reputation for maintaining long-lasting client relationships. This is achieved through cost-effective services of the highest quality, while also meeting the entire spectrum of our clients’ construction and facility maintenance requirements. To ensure this quality is infused throughout all of Schweiger’s operations, we’re continuously establishing, monitoring, and measuring success through our performance benchmarks. We recognize that “quality” is uniquely defined by each customer served and that to provide quality services on every project requires not only technical competency measured by a project completing “on time” and “under budget,” but also by recognizing and meeting the priorities and expectations of each client’s individual requirements. 

Today, the company continues to thrive and look forward to the future, building on its solid roots and traditions of integrity and excellence laid down by T.G. Schweiger 131 years ago. As the Great-Granddaughter of the founder, T.G. Schweiger, Carol Schweiger Meharry continues to lead with vision, innovative thinking, and successful management. Schweiger’s main focus is to build upon its strong alliances, often working under multi-year contracts, and utilizing its unique position as a women-owned construction company, working in both the public and private sectors.