Since 1889, when T.G. Schweiger founded our company, we have had a history of successful business relationships. The longevity of Schweiger is a testimony to the commitment we have demonstrated to our customers, employees and the communities in which we work. The company is built on the principle that we seek a relationship with our customers, which allows us to become a partner and an extension of their organization. This enables us to bring the best value proposition to their business.

At Schweiger our expertise is in building and maintaining advanced technical, industrial and commercial facilities that deliver the best value to our customers. Because we function as business partners, we are able to serve our customers from the development of the business case through the design/build or other methodology utilized for project delivery. We share our customers’ goals in successful project delivery and manage these efforts so that we exceed customer requirements.

At Schweiger, it is our goal to deliver excellence and our commitment is embodied in our leadership. Schweiger employees and personnel are committed and dedicated to forming a true viable team. We value the thinking of all Schweiger team members.

Our vision is to be the premier full-service construction manager of operations and maintenance projects in the critical facility, financial, institutional, healthcare and telecommunication markets across the nation. We do this while maintaining the integrity and the values our company was built on since 1889.