General Construction

Schweiger Construction Company’s history began in building trade work and grew to include general contracting in the middle of the 20th century. Our dedication to sustained excellence in building construction has withstood the test of time and remains a vital part of Schweiger’s service offerings today. Schweiger supplements solid construction management knowledge and quality assurance practices with the energy and innovation of a highly motivated trade and supervisory field staff.

Schweiger realizes there are many building contractors to choose from, but our 20-50+ year relationships with our clients are testimony to our unwavering commitment to provide technical competency and superior quality while insisting on complete design conformance. Schweiger places this mandate on our staff, vendors and subcontractors, realizing that steadfast conformance to design requirements is the means to the end goal of achieving overall construction quality.

Construction Management

Schweiger Construction Company is acutely aware that speed-to-market is essential to our Clients’ business with minimal impact to ongoing operations a priority. As a trusted and experienced construction manager, Schweiger is dedicated to fulfilling its role as a valuable partner in the integrated project delivery process.

Schweiger’s involvement in all phases of a project’s life-cycle has resulted in consistent, cost-effective achievement of accelerated delivery dates in challenging environments. Schweiger embraces and encourages technology, innovative thinking and solid practices to achieve breakthroughs in construction project management, including the use of relational contracting, building information modeling (BIM), target value design, and planned percent complete/last planner systems.


Schweiger Construction Company’s approach to design-build pays careful attention to the earliest phases of the project where key information, identifying the owner’s needs and wants, is established. While it is always beneficial for a client to be an integral part of the design and construction processes, Schweiger is sensitive to each Client’s ability to dedicate staff and resources to these efforts. It is Schweiger ’s and its design partners’ responsibility to listen to the owner’s expectations and requirements, identify and confirm criteria and scope, and determine the owner’s level of participation in each project phase.

From the inception of the project, Schweiger’s design-build team will be structured to create a relationship in which all members have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Project goals and communication protocols are established at the beginning and reviewed on a regular basis, insuring schedule and budget compliance, that LEED certification processes are followed, work items are not missed, and that the quality expected is the quality delivered. Schweiger recognizes that “quality” is uniquely defined by each Client served, and that to provide quality services on every project requires not only technical competency that can be measured by whether delivery is “on time,” “within budget,” and “meets design intent,” but also by recognizing and meeting the priorities and expectations of each client’s individual project. It is this process of listening to clients’ needs, adopting their mission and vision as our own, and continuously seeking to improve our performance through innovative solutions that has won Schweiger Construction Company the confidence of its design-build clients.

LEED Implementation And Certification

Throughout its history, Schweiger had been committed to the preservation of our environment and the efficient utilization of energy resources.

We fully realize that the construction of facilities that utilize renewable resources is the best means of securing the most profitable life cycle cost benefit for our customers. As a result, we are committed to several key principles regarding sustainable design and construction.

  • Alternative energy source
  • Renewable and recycled materials
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Life cycle cost analysis and assessment
  • Carbon neutrality

At Schweiger, our commitment to sustainability is a part of our strong belief that the efficient use and protection of our environmental resources is simply the right thing to do.